Real Estate Investing – Writing Killer Postcards to Attract Motivated Sellers!

So many of you have actually been telling us that you’re all set to obtain started investing, yet “you can’t locate any kind of offers! as well as exactly what are the actions and tricks to finding lots?” Several of you have also created asking us if there still ARE any type of bargains left … OF COURSE, there are! We discover them regularly.

But you ain’t gonna discover them considering for-sale advertisements in the paper, for-sale signs in the backyard, or by concentrating only on short sales, repossessions, REOs and also agent-listed residential or commercial properties.

You should remove the motivated sellers from under the rocks where they conceal and get THEM to call YOU !! Imagine exactly how hassle-free and also very easy it is to earn a massive revenue when motivated home seller leads call you as well as you can select the best deals out of your calls. It truly resembles shooting ducks in a barrel.

Alright– enough already! Now you’re asking yourself: exactly how can you get those very same motivated sellers out of under a rock, and also calling you too? The secret remains in a multi-step campaign, as well as among the essential actions is making use of direct mail, suggesting postcards or letters that make the motivated sellers get their phone and call you.

We’ve obtained tons of examples and also much more comprehensive explanation of a whole financier marketing project from low-budget on up in our $69 book/tape program Marketing: Secrets to Exploding The Quantity & Quality of Your Deals and also we really style and also implement your own full marketing project with you in our 6-month Coaching Program: Secrets to Your own $80,000/ year, no-bull, Real Estate Investing Business

So, below are the 14 crucial tricks to composing Killer Postcards that produce a tidal bore of motivated sellers.

1) Write all your message or copy with WIIFM in mind. WIIFM represents What’s In It For Me. The “Me” indicates the seller, the recipient of your postcard. Write simply in terms of benefits to them, NOT exactly what you’ll get out of it, neither quite about you. Focus on exactly what will certainly thrill them, what will certainly you provide for them, exactly what can you honestly state making them think you can assist them.

2) Headline with WIIFM. Develop a large, bold headline of 10 – 20 words that offers your ideal, boldest “WIIFM punch” to them, and put it at top of both sides of the postcard. As an example: “Can you really offer your residence in days? Do not list with an agent or place a ForSale indication out, until you review this”. An additional example: “Are you disappointed since you want your home to sell overnight? You currently have a simple option for troubles like fixer-uppers, poor lessees, back payments, estate, eviction, insolvency, divorce or foreclosure”

3) Make the recipient’s name/address as individual as possible. You do not want to look or seem like spam, so when you deal with the postcard don’t utilize ‘Resident’ or ‘Homeowner’ or ‘Mr. Smith’ or ‘Mrs. Roberts’. Aim to merely make use of the first name and also last name: ‘Susan Johnson’. You can likewise consider handwriting (or utilizing a handwriting font style) the recipient’s info.

4) Use an image of yourself– a headshot taken at a workshop– to earn you ‘real, pleasant, pleasant, trustable’ to the seller. The earlier the vendor seems like they understand and also trust you, the quicker they’ll call you as well as the market you their house.

5) Include the address of non-owner busy building (ie rental home) in your heading, if you’re sending by mail to an absentee-owner or property owner somewhere else, at their residence address. This permits the recipient to recognize which among her homes you want to buy.

6) Your return address needs to not be a “junk mail indication” either, so consider leaving off your company name as well as rather just using your personal name and/or handwriting the return address, also.

7) You need testimonies from all your pleased vendors (include their complete names and line of work), so you can include as numerous as feasible on your postcard to make sure that the seller could relate to them and also come to feel like they know you and trust fund you– rapidly.

8) If you’re as well new to have testimonies from your vendors after that create brief “Success stories”. Simply a paragraph or more defining just how you assisted “Frank and also Joanne save their home from repossession …”. Make these honest and also reduced write to the WIIFM, but don’t utilize surnames since you do not have written approval.

9) Show the seller that you on a regular basis help their neighbors and/or have a background helpful vendors, by consisting of the number of vendors you helped last month or last year, and/or their (close-by) addresses.

10) Sellers have to see your contact number published on the postcard at the very least 3 to 6 times. To ensure that each time they review it they have yet one more chance to favor and also make the decision to call you.

11) Sellers count on you a lot more when you could provide a real Guarantee that’s purposeful to the seller and that you’ll really support. For example: “we guarantee you’ll get a written deal within __ 48 __ hrs, or we’ll acquire you dinner or send you to the motion pictures” (give them a present certificate to pizza joint or theater, if you do not comply with warranty).

12) Tell everybody, including in your postcard, that you pay reference fees if they understand someone that ‘d prefer to offer their home promptly and also easy.

13) Give the recipient a “Not Quite Ready response mechanism”. If their not prepared to call you as well as talk to you just yet, but they are more than a little interested inform them exactly how they can visit your internet site or call your free 24/7 recorded message for even more details. This is an excellent non-threatening way to still enable individuals of real estate leads to begin to understand you as well as trust you.

14) Lastly, the “P.S.” at the bottom of your postcard has actually been researched as the MOST-read component of any kind of postcard or letter. So consist of a P.S. that summarizes what you do and also your phone number near the bottom.


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